Hear From Our Parents

Prospective Parent Question:
St. Leo Parish has an excellent religious education program for families that don't attend the school.  What more will my child receive in terms of faith and spiritual development, if I choose to send him to the school?

Your Answer comes from Mr. and Mrs. Seitz (current school parents):
St. Leo teaches children and parents about making faith a part of everyday lives.  Faith and prayer is interwoven into everyday activity at St. Leo, from morning prayer, through religious learning in class, to learning empathy, sharing, giving; to be a better person through Christ's example and celebrating the various religious holidays throughout the school year. 
Additionally, there is a theme at St. Leo each year.  Last year was "Fruit of the Spirit."  This year's theme is "Companions on the Journey".  The school encourages parents to learn along with the students which encourages family time at home and togetherness, which we believe benefits the whole family.
Through having a child at St. Leo School, we believe that we as a family have grown together in our faith.

Prospective Parent Question:
As a parent, I am really concerned about the safety of my child at school.  Can you tell me if St. Leo offers a safe and loving environment?

Your Answer comes from Mr. and Mrs. Johnson (current school parents):
St. Leo provides a very safe and loving environment for the children.  The school is more like a family.  St. Leo mirrors our town in that you can see the same familiar faces at school, the store or at church. The school is a place where teachers, staff and parents work together and everyone looks out for each other.  This value is also instilled in each student as well.   St. Leo makes safety more than a priority for our children.  The teachers and staff make it a point to know everyone that is a direct part of the studentsí lives. They have a zero-tolerance bullying policy based upon Christian values to ensure that every student can be themselves.


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