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Power through Faith, Community, and Education. That is the motto of St. Leo Catholic School.

Faith. In this difficult world our children are constantly bombarded with secular values, such as monetary wealth and physical beauty. At St. Leo School true value is found in the teachings of Christ. Wealth is measured by goodness of the heart. Beauty is present throughout Godís creation, and is found within a personís being, not in oneís physical appearance. At St. Leo School the wealth and beauty of faith is interwoven throughout the curriculum, allowing students to grow not only in wisdom but in character as well.

Community. Becoming a member of St. Leo School, as a parent or as a student, makes one part of a family. Teachers work in partnership with the parents in the education of the children. Parental involvement is a key factor in the success of the school, and provides an avenue for making life-long friendships. At St. Leo School, students care about one another, and families care about other families. Ingrained within the philosophy of the school is the aspect of community service, through which students extend their relationships beyond the school community and become active members of the community at large.

Education. St. Leo School is pleased to provide a high academic standard, but not a standard based solely upon core content. St. Leo School endeavors to educate the whole child. Teachers are life-long learners who are attuned to best practices in education. Through faith guided by the Holy Spirit, working with one another as a community, St. Leo School strives to provide a productive environment for student learning and outstanding education.

Please come to visit St. Leo Catholic School to see the richness of what it has to offer. Call the school office at 873-4591 to arrange a tour. See what it means for your student to achieve power through faith, community, and education! All are welcome!

St. Leo School
255 Huntertown Rd.
Versailles, KY 40383

Part of the Diocese of Lexington
Lexington, KY

255 Huntertown Road   •   Versailles, KY 40383   •   (859) 873-4591

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