St. Leo School Board

Welcome to the St. Leo School Board page! We appreciate your interest and welcome any comments you may have. The Board usually meets once a month when school is in session.

Voting Members 

Beth Carrico President
Mike McMahon Vice President
Curt Clayton Secretary
Debbie Cecil Member
Sarah McNamara Member
Annette Muniz Member
Aaron Smither Member aaron.smither.frp0@statefarm. com
Susie Stivers Member

Non-voting members

Fr. Miguel/Pastor
Bill Caine (PTO president)
Helena DiBiasie (Principal)
Kara Jetton (Preschool Director) -
Mike Ward (K of C representative)

About the School Board

St. Leo established its School Board in 2005 as part of a diocesan-wide effort to strengthen management and strategic planning for diocesan schools. The primary functions of the Board are to set policies to guide the principal and faculty; promote the school; develop marketing and enrollment strategies; provide guidance in developing annual budget and tuition adjustments; develop long-term financing strategies; and assess the principalís performance.

The Board is policy-making; it is not involved in the day-to-day decisions concerning management of the school. It does not have authority over the principal. However, it actively participates in the hiring of a principal and may recommend the dismissal of the principal. Both the Board and the Principal operate under the ultimate authority of the parish Pastoral Director.

The Board consists of six elected members who serve 3-year terms. Two members are selected each year. In addition, the Pastoral Director may appoint up to 3 additional members for terms of up to 3 years. The Principal and Pastoral Director are ex officio members. 

To learn more about the role of the St. Leo School Board and about the policies of the Diocese of Lexington, visit

255 Huntertown Road   •   Versailles, KY 40383   •   (859) 873-4591

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