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How many hours of volunteer service to the school and/or parish are required?

24 hours per family.

Volunteer Application
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What can my family do to earn our 24 hours of volunteer service this school year?

The staff, teachers, children and parents welcome and appreciate your volunteer time in many different areas. Listed below are the most popular ways to earn your volunteer hours. Just complete and return the attached form and your name will be submitted to the committee chairperson. Feel free to be creative…your volunteer hours do NOT have to fall under the categories specified below. If you see or learn about something that needs to be done, discuss it with the appropriate staff member or teacher and volunteer your time to fix the problem or improve the situation. Remember, volunteer work performed for the church counts towards your 24-hour requirement. Just record your hours and report them as indicated.

Silent Auction- This is a big one. The Silent Auction is always a blast for parishioners and friends. It is also a HUGE money maker for the school and quite an undertaking. Dedicate some time to this committee and your volunteer hours will be completed before you know it. You can choose to be a part of acquisitions,organizing, concessions, decorating or clean-up, among other things.

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo- Another big one. There are several types of volunteers, all crucial. The concession workers sell the popcorn, cokes and candy that fuel the players. Floor workers sell pull-tabs for $1 each and get to wear fashionable money aprons. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mathematician to do either.We will also need door workers, callers and possibly cashiers. Bingo concession set-up persons are needed for the 1st and 2nd Mondays of the month. This volunteer arrives at the school kitchen at 4:30 to get all the food prepped. On-the job training is provided to all Bingo workers at no cost to you! And, best of all, you get to eat for free. For floor and concession, you can sign up for a full shift to knock out about four hours, or just sign up as a substitute or for half-shifts. Either way, we need you.

Academic Team-The St. Leo Academic Teams have experienced a tremendous amount of success over the past few years. This would not be possible without the commitment of parent volunteers. Help will be needed in a variety of areas this year.

Art Helpers- These volunteers help out with a class or two once a week for about an hour. The messiest projects are the most enjoyable, and Mrs. Fedorchuk will not be able to do them unless she has help.

Athletic Boosters- We need committed volunteers to help organize support and coaching for the school’s athletic teams, which include basketball for 5th through 8th grade girls and boys, volleyball and cheerleading. Show your child the importance of being active and earn volunteer hours at the same time.

Book Fair- Once a year the St. Leo stage is transformed into a Versailles version of Joseph Beth Booksellers. We will need help with set-up, payment transactions and clean-up. The best part about this volunteer opportunity is helping the younger kids make tough decisions about quality reading opportunities.

Coffee House- The Coffee House showcases the talents of our middle school students. Mrs. Fedorchuk will need help setting up, cleaning up and planning dessert.

Fright Night- This is always a fun night and a great opportunity for the kids (and adults) to show off their Halloween costumes. Lots of volunteers will be needed to plan and run the games, direct the costume competition and dispense lots of frightfully good food.

Kroger card sales- Just stay after church a few minutes and sell these money making certificates.

Lunch room help- These volunteers don’t cook lunch, but they do help dish out hot lunches, rinse trays, open Kindergartners’ milk boxes and squirt ketchup. You can volunteer for one or more day a week or month or serve as a substitute.

Magazine Drive-The Magazine Drive is a great moneymaker for the school.Volunteers will be needed to coordinate the sale and help with accounting and reporting.

Marketing Team- This group is on a mission to creatively publicize the school to the community and to continue generating positive public relations for St. Leo School.

Playground supervision- Earn volunteer time in the great outdoor area you now think of only as the parking lot. This just takes about one hour out of your day.

School Grounds crew- Be a member of this team and help keep the school grounds looking its best!

Science Fair – This annual event is always exciting for students and parents as well. Volunteers will be needed to plan and organize the fair and to help with setup and clean-up.

Year Book- Everyone wants a yearbook, but we need more volunteers to continue to make it happen! Naturally, we appreciate anyone with any photography or publication skills whatsoever, but any help at all would be appreciated.You will also have the opportunity to volunteer for class field trips and others special occasion events your child’s teacher may be planning. Please check with your child’s teacher or a classroom parent for further details.

How do I report my volunteer hours?

Your in-school volunteer time will be recorded when you sign the volunteer book upon entering the school. Please make sure to write neatly and enter your arrival and departure time. Bingo volunteers sign a sheet posted in the laminated folder on the kitchen refrigerator.

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